Loiter_Unlimited next command

Hi all,
I currently have the following commands on my mission.

  1. Takeoff
  2. Loiter_Unlimited
  3. WP

According to the article on the MAV_CMD:

The mission will not proceed past this command while in AUTO mode. In order to break out of this command you need to change the mode (i.e. to MANUAL). If there are subsequent commands then you can continue the mission at the next command, if the Copter MIS_RESTART parameter is set to resume, by switching back to AUTO mode (otherwise the mission will restart).

However, I wasn’t able to do so. The only way I can get it to WP 3 is from the Mission Planner. Which is not really ideal for my project.

Is there any other way I can achieve this from the transmitter?


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I have just confirmed this misbehavior, running the simulator in Mission Planner. I created a mission designed to fly to one point on a circle and wait until a mode switch out of, then back into, Auto mode. MIS_RESTART is set to 0 (resume). What I see is that the copter flies to the LOITER_UNLIM point, and then stays there, regardless of the mode switching.

I googled this and searched the forum but found only the above reference to what I would describe as a bug. Can anyone provide illumination on the behavior? Thanks.

Hi all, Is there any update regarding this behaviour?

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From @iampete in the github issue: https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/issues/21303

I suspect this is a case were we just need to update the documentation. What behavior are you trying to achieve?

Using scripting you could add a RC switch to advance past a loiter unlimited. If you have a GCS you can just advance the mission index directly.

The current behavior is correct, it’s the doc that is wrong. Switching out of AUTO and back will not skip over a mission waypoint. It will either resume where it left off or reset to beginning depending on the MIS_RESTART param.