LOITER_TURNS not functioning as described

Copter Firmware 3.5.2

Loiter Turns does not function as described in ArduPilot copter guide.

Currently listed:
Turn - the number of full rotations to complete around the point.
Dir 1=CW - the direction to turn around the point. -1 = counter clockwise, +1 = clockwise.
Lat, Lon - the latitude and longitude targets. If left as zero it will circle around the current location.
Alt - the target altitude above home in meters. If left as zero it will circle at the current altitude.

Dir has been removed.
So how do you make the craft go CCW?
-1 turn only stops the mission.
IE: LOITER_TURNS: Turns -1 and Radius 100 will make the craft go out 100m, pause and carry on with the next command.

Did you have a log or tlog file which noted your flight test data?

Logs are irrelevant because this is a documentation issue.


The part that states “Dir 1=CW - the direction to turn around the point. -1 = counter clockwise, +1 = clockwise.” is incorrect information as the “Dir” column has been removed.

Actually, this should be under “Mission Planner” topic.
Correcting that now.

Filed a GitHub request too

Is anyone going to answer this?

I’m guessing this was never figured out?

No it hasn’t.
Fallen by the wayside
Kind of like the mission simulator will be forever fixed to a 3DR IRIS + configuration no matter how old the technology is.

I did a bit of digging in the parameters list and it looks like if you set circ_rate (can’t remember exact parameter off the top of my head) to a negative degree value it will go ccw. I haven’t tested yet but it says this in the parameters description.

CIRCLE_RATE is the parameter.
However, if you plan a mission, you cannot have one circle turn CW and another circle turn CCW because the parameter is missing in the command parameter.