Loiter Turns Does Not Work In This Mission

I have a mission where I’m looking at a desired object below the copter. I want to briefly move the camera back to level and do a loiter turn to see the panorama, then again look down at the desired object and continue my mission. The loiter turn does NOT execute in this combination of commands. I’m running AC 3.1.2 (yes, downlevel from 3.1.5). Loiter turns work well without the ROI after the delay.

See snippet of mission below. I bracket the loiter turn with delays; lines 15 and 17. I then do an ROI on line 18 to again look at my desired object before continuing to the next waypoint. The loiter turn on line 16 does not happen. The delays happen, and the camera tilts properly, just no loiter turn.

Bug, or my misunderstanding on how the command processing happens?


Ah, never mind. Looks like the ROI on line 14 takes precedence over the loiter turns on 16. It takes precedence, I would imagine, until either another ROI command happens or the next WP is reached.