Loiter turns and do_set_roi

I was wondering that Loiter Turns shows up as an option in Rover Firmware. But it isn’t working, and the docs too say that it has no function.
But wouldnt it be great to have that? Especially for boats.
Also do_set_roi would be a great feature, not only for turning a gimbal but to yaw the vehicle itself on pivot, since skid steering is quite common.
Are there plans to implement that two commands?

Hi @3Denis,

Thanks for the heads up on Loiter-turns, I’ve added it to an existing to-do for MP to remove some unsupported commands to reduce confusion.

Adding support for do-set-roi to Rover is already on the to-do list and I think we will get to it at some point although it’s hard to say exactly when.

Support for Loiter-turns (aka Circle mode) is something new that hasn’t been requested before so feel free to add it to the to-do list. I’m less confident about this being implemented soon but you really never know. There are a number of developers out there and writing a new mode is quite fun so I can imagine someone will do it.

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Thanks for your reply! Nice to hear that do_set_roi will come some day, looking forward to it. And good idea to make a request for loiter turns. I’ll do that.

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