Loiter tuning terrible. Stabalize is perfect

Large quad is tuned perfectly in stabilize. Very nice handling indeed, however when switching to loiter it seems very ‘undamped’ and rocks about. A few days ago in high wind it increased oscillation to the point of going unstable. I switched back to stabilize and it was perfect again, even in high wind.
Previous versions had separate loiter tuning. Where have they gone? What to adjust with problem like this? Reluctant to adjust standard PIDs as stabilize is so good.

OK, just tried a bit of tuning. As the oscillations seemed a bit like rate P too high or rate D too low, I tried both. D did nothing, however decreasing rate P made the loiter problem MUCH worse and it immediately started uncontrollable oscillations so switch back to stab, all ok.
So as reducing P made it worse I tried, against my better judgement to increase and that seems to be fixed.
Rate P gone from .072 to .26. No noticeable effect in stab but much better in loiter.

Thanks for sharing your results Fettler. I’ve had some issues in loiter in the past, will keep your findings in mind for next time the issues reappear.

I have similar loiter issue. Do you have any good advice?

Have you tried an autotune?