Loiter to altitude nav command fails

I planned a mission with Mission Planner with a “Loiter to altitude” (LOITER_TO_ALT) command, after the altitude was reached, the plane kept loitering at the same altitude avoiding jump to the next waypoint.
My default WP RADIUS was 50m, but for the loitering I decided to set to 200m (WP8), this was the only change. Later the WP9 was completed successfully, and jumped to the next WP. This is the detail:

Any ideas why this happened? Thank you!

How far apart are the WPs? If they are less than 50 apart the Ardupilot assumes the next wp is reached.

You are right, WP8 and WP9 are too close, indeed WP9 is inside WP8 radius:

But in this case, why if the controller assumes WP8 and WP9 are completed, is doesn’t jump to WP10 or RTL?