Loiter_To_ALT missing in 1.3.38?

I just check mission planner I didn’t found the comman LOITER_TO_ALT in the commend list .

Dose that happen to every one ?

It was very good command and useful . .

MP thinks you are a copter. Connect to a plane and the command will appear.

latest beta MP has the hidden vehicle type menu back, if you click the spot to the right of the baud drop down.

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Thank you! I was just needing this yesterday. I’m curious as to why you prefer to keep it hidden?

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only because it can add confusion, and isnt always obeyed depending on the context.

that and only advanced users realy use it. ie ppl that fly more than one vehcile type.


I´ve got a new computer and I installed MP 1.3.55 and I need LOITER_TO_ALT. My fixed wings UAV is far from me now and it did not work to change the hidden box to ArduPilot. And when I restart MP it returns to ArduCopter2. My other computer has MP 1.3.52 and I only got it working correctly after connecting my UAV to MP (three months ago).

Please, how can I solve this? Can I copy some xml file from the old computer to the new? And where can I find my camera settings? There is no camera.xml file. Only a camerasBuiltin.xml that brings no information about the cameras I created.