Loiter speed on CH6

I want to change the loiter speed in flight.

For the moment CH6 is mainly unused and we get people asking to change the loiter speed. Is it possble to integrate this in CH6?


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You could probably achieve this via mixing on the remote, but I have seen this feature in the Yunecc Typhoon H and I loved it.

see it would be a nice extra. And it is a channel we now don’t use

Why wouldn’t you just set a higher LOIT_SPEED value and control it with the stick? Or along with this a radio mix as Vabe suggests varying the max channel output with a pot.

Maybe because CH6 is unused and this as an option on that CH is something our clients already asked couple times. playing with mixers on a radio can make it to difficult for some clients. It is good for hobby playing

OK, but what’s the problem controlling the loiter speed with the pitch or roll stick? Maybe I don’t understand the purpose. You want to limit the speed the craft will fly in Loiter at max stick? Otherwise just set a higher Loiter Speed and don’t give it max stick…

No problem. This is for industrial use

I think I understand the requirement, slow loiter speed for close up work or accurate positioning without limiting the range of stick movement. Not everyone is great with really tiny stick movements. And an easy adjustment back to normal loiter speeds for traveling.
You would want to open a feature request in github.