Loiter & RTL unstable

I have a OS V3.2.1 CX20 and am having LOITER & RTL issues. One day everything is working and am able to fly missions and the next day at same location, the quad won’t hold steady in LOITER and will suddenly fly off. In RTL it comes back to hover above launch location and suddenly flies off. I have calibrated many times and compass is reading correctly. I always fly when I have at least 9 SATS and HDOP is 2 or below. This issue just started and have not changed any parts.
What other calibration options do I have to confirm the GPS is actually connecting correctly?

For these type of issue we need the logs off the copter. At least the last couple of flights.

Logging on these devices is set low so you may need to turn that up and do a couple more test flights just to see what changes between them.

Then you can attach a link to them from google drive or one drive.


Thanks Mike! I am not aware of how to down load the flight logs. I am running an OS V3.2.1 and not sure if it stores logs.

ya, the logs are placed on an internal memory card. In Mission Planner in the middle is a set of tabs. To the right is one call Data Flash logs. Pick that and pick the button that says Download Dataflash logs via mavlink. You need the flight controller attached by USB cable for the download to work and connected.


Thanks for your reply Mike! Don’t believe my FC has memory card.

I still have the problem with the version arducopter 3.2.1 in loiter mode is very unstable, is very bad, rtl mode also goes crazy, and tested all versions, more than 10 different gps, more than 9 apm 2.8, they all become Crazy when active gps mode loiter, auto, rtl, I’ve been using these controllers for years without problems but now it’s impossible to run gps mode, can someone offer some idea of these problems, some configuration file that they can send to my email?

Please please help with this problem

@Canarias-Stock You would better served by creating a new thread rather than tacking onto an existing one.

Posting a data flash log is required for anyone to see what is actually going on in your situation.
If your logging level is not high enough you may be asked to change your log level and fly again to get the information needed.

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