Loiter problem, drops out of sky / Full Throttle

Hey all –

My name is Ryan. I’m on my 3rd APM build and have a few hundred flights under my belt.

With all my builds, I do my best to calibrate everything top to bottom and run a decent check list before I take off. I’ve run compassmot, calibrated ESCs, Accel, etc –

Today when I tried loiter, it went to around 15% throttle and I have to recover with Stability mode. It dropped pretty quickly. When I held the copter in my hand and tried loiter again, it went to around 80% throttle and tried to fly upwards.

I have setup my PIDs and it is solid as a rock in the air. I have not touched any other setting other than Trottle hover is at 50%, Trottle accel is at 50%.

Logs attached. Any help would be amazing.

APM 2.6, 550 Quad, Turnigy 5017 620kv, 4s, 13" CF Props, Dragonlink, 600mw vTX, MinimOSD, Tarot Gimbal and Afro30A escs.

Attached my tuning and another log with IMU.

Your Barometric sensor and GPS altitude is a mess.
-Check for propwash getting to the APM.
-log IMU and check vibrations too.
You can plot CTUN/BarAlt - until you get that (much) smoother, you cannot expect it to fly well in any mode that controls altitude.

sorry, the IMU/Acc_ data does not make any sense to me, I am unable to graph it properly.
APM Planner 2 grahed it, but warned about 207 errors.
I can’t evaluate Z vibrations, - important to your Alt_hold.

Thanks guys. I’ve done a few apm builds – not sure why this happened. It’s very balanced, the apm is protected and above the props, and there are no vibrations.

I reset the board, calibrated, setup my PIDs and it is solid as a rock. Loiters within 2 feet, alt hold within 2 feet.

Not sure what the gremlin was. : /