Loiter Position Accuracy 3.4 rc5

I see there may be an issue with “loiter drifting”. I’ve been testing 3.4 extensively for our FreeBird One quad, especially hover accuracy in loiter and position hold modes. I see no issues - in general 3.4 is delivering fantastic performance. See the link to this youtube video recently posted showing several minutes of loitering in one position in wind gusts up to 20-25 mph. Note the position of the GPS against the pine tree in the middle. It will hardly budge from that position even when the quad is fighting gusts. I don’t think I could ask for better performance than this.


Ok, great, thanks for the feedback!
Nice video, interesting point of view of the camera.

Thanks, the structurally-enclosed frame allows for unique mounting positions like this for cameras and other attachments. It proves invaluable for testing and troubleshooting when matched up against the data logs.

I noticed the same thing… awesome loiter even in gusty winds! BTW nice Klingon vessel. Does it have a cloaking device?