Loiter mode once stop moving alttitude is reducing and comming up

Hello everyone!

In Loiter mode,
While moving the drone frome one point to another point its holding the constant alttitude.
But when I leave the pitch or roll stick to the middle position drone is stopping at one point but its going down around 1 meter then comming back to the actual alttitude.

How to solve this isues?
Please let me know.


  1. I am using Mission planner beta version 1.3.75 and Copter 4.1.0 beta version.
  2. Did Dynamic notch filter and autotune.

1.Hover thrust value from the log

  1. Current set value: MOT_THST_HOVER - 0.2096378

We would need to see the .bin log file.
That effect can be caused by improper tuning of some PSC params or even prop wash across the flight controller (barometer in fact)

Hi Shawn,

Here is my log.


You can see the effect in the Altitude and Desired Altitude

Set these and retest
Ensure the barometer is not exposed, and the props are not over-flying the flight controller.

I would also set these
ARMING_CHECK,13822 (or 13814 if you really dont have a GPS)

Okay, Shawn
Will test and update you.