Loiter mode in Android App's like Tower and Q groundcontrol

It’s in Dutch but my bait boat pefectly holds position at a certain home position

At a waypoint the boat changes mode to Hold. Isn’t it an idea you can select in the sofware at the end of each mission the boat ends in Loiter mode. Would be logical, not?

I hope apps like Tower and Qgroundcontrol will add the Loiter mode because I never use Mission Planner, just for set-up.

Bas Hamans

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I have not this yet, but maybe the last command in the mission could be loiter?

Yes please, would make sense.

I’ve added an item to the issues list to add a new parameter to allow the user to specify that the vehicle should switch to Loiter when the mission completes.

In general, anyone can add items to the issues list…

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Gaat lekker man! Mijn voerboot nanotec doet het ook heel goed!

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Hi Michael, good te hear! I love this platform and works great on bait boats😉

Best regards,

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