Loiter mode goes sloppy after 3.3.2 upgrade

Just got a IRIS+ and after a few days of flying decided to update the firmware to 3.3.2 from 3.3.1.

After loading the iris+ parameter settings back from the default iris+ file, and adjusting battery settings to get things back to normal i noticed a major change in flight behavior. In loiter mode, my old configuration really had a stiff loiter response when going dead stick, after this upgrade, the loiter mode is ‘sloppy’, it seems to be working but it drifts are quite a bit more and doesn’t stop the iris+ quickly when the inputs are released.

I read about vibration causing poor loiter performance, but pulled the logs and looked in the ‘vibe’ group and the values seem to be in spec. (<10). the only thing is, i don’t have any of this data from the old firmware, because it did not exist in those logs.


  1. can someone help me figure out why this is happening? what should i check?
  2. i’d like to get a screenshot of the old settings and compare to my new parameter settings, should i just load the old firmware back in and compare the values?


On the latest firm I saw a param that seems to control the reaction of the copter to stick orders in loiter. I didnt realize this was in the previous version. Cant remember which one is and have no access to MP right now. I would check the param tree to have a look, it is allways fine to see it from time to time as one allway discovers new thinks.

Take a look at your WPNAV_LOIT_MINA setting. It sounds like that might be too low.

If you haven’t done so it sounds like you need to re-calibrate your compass and you might as well do the Accelerometer while your at it.