Loiter MODE does not maintain position without good GPS signal

Greetings! Need Help…
I have a problem with my hexacopter, I am using a Pixhawk 2.4.8. The problem is when I use the “Loter” mode, the hexacopter does not maintain the position, it makes oscillations.

Include log file: File Log - Google Drive

characteristics of Drone:
Motor 810Kv
Propeller 10 inch
Frame Hexacopter
Pixhawk 2.4.8
battery 4s 5500mah

6 sats and an Hdop >1 is insufficient for positional accuracy.
Update to latest Stable Arcucopter and use Pixhawl1 not fmuv3.
Use the Initial Parameter Setup page in Mission Planner for base configuration.
Your Z-vibrations are too high.
After fixing the vibe levels configure the Dynamic Notch filter.
Then run Auto tune.

I’m sorry friend. why should i use pixhaw1 and not v3?

Because it’s the correct firmware for that Flight Controller.

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Hello, I have continued with my project but I cannot get my drone to stabilize in loiter mode, I have reduced the vibrations, configured the dynamic filter and number SATELLITE more 12. In my opinion, everything is within the range that ardupilot recommends.

Note: When going to loiter mode my drone oscillates between the position, it’s like it’s looking for the point defined by the GPS, while doing this process the oscillation gets bigger.

.BIN file at the following link and a video of the flight: File Log - Google Drive

You skipped the most important step before making a maiden flight and are flying on default parameters. It’s called the Initial Parameters Setup and not surprisingly can be found in Mandatory Hardware of Mission Planner.
And you should update to Pixhawk1 firmware but that’s been covered.

Ok, I have reviewed and in some articles they define loading the pixhawk firmware as fmuv3. for example Loading Firmware · GitBook.

I will install Pixhawk1 firmware and try again. I will upload the results, I sincerely appreciate your time and comments.

It’s more important to set the Initial Setup Parameters but going forward you want Pixhawk1. That link may been written before there was a Pixhawk1 version of firmware.

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Excuse me!
I am right? is correct my selection?

Yes, that’s the one.

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Hello everyone, I have configured my drone again and flew it, the result was that it still had oscillations in loiter mode. After reviewing the configurations, I noticed that GPS_NAVFILTER had a value of 3. I remembered that in APM 2.8 it worked correctly that way, so I set that value. Then I changed the value to 8 (Default) and the drone worked better, achieving better stability. My question is, what value should I set?


Default (8).

Thanks for everything! I have managed to stabilize the drone.

(Drone S550 - Pixhawk controller, fligth test - YouTube)