Loiter mode causes copter to start ascending

The AP wiki says this is usually caused by vibrations confusing the accelerometer, but according to my logs, it looks like the vibrations are within the acceptable range. The barometer’s altitude reading fluctuates a little but its readings also seem to be within an acceptable range. I have no clue what else could be causing this.
Could someone please take a look at the attached log and help me figure out what the problem is?

I’m running 3.2 on a Pixhawk, and here’s a link to the log: dropbox.com/s/j8idjnlfqcsx3 … r_test.log

Anyone? I was hoping to at least get a third opinion on whether my vibrations are within an acceptable range. Some tips on what else might cause my copter to ascend would also be helpful since I’m a beginner to all of this.

I can’t get to that log file, getting a 404 from Dropbox?

In my experience, alt climb on alt hold is almost always vibes. Can also be the barometer.

Can you get a log uploaded, or maybe some screenshots of the vibration levels?

Could be light hitting the baramoter… I had that happen to me when I would yaw the hexacopter… I covered the case with black tape to test and that cured it… Now I painted the inside black except where the led’s are…

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