Loiter mode boats

What happened with the loiter mode for boats, meaning to hold the boat exactly on waypoint position. Is this still on the roadmap?


Hi Bas,

Yes, definitely on the roadmap. I have some code in development that is looking promising and below is a video of it in action in a very gentle environment. It doesn’t support using lateral thrusters yet but that’s on the plan too.

Wow, looking great! I can’t wait to test.


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I am also eager to test out this improved Loiter! Any update on when it will be ready?


It’s ready now on 3.4rc1.

Thanks David, I will test it at first opportunity.

when and how will more thrusters be implemented? If I had a normal boat with rear and front thrusters that allowed for sideways thrusting (port/starboard) how would I set those up in the pixhawk and groundstation configuration? I need to build some boats that hold position and then go execute their path, holding positiong for about 30 mins or so.

@jason_goldenberg, Rover doesn’t support bow/stern thrusters yet. Ammar from EAMS lab is working on generalising the omni rover so that more arbitrary set-ups for thursters are supported (instead of just 3 thrusters spaced 120deg apart) but I can’t make any promises of when that will be complete or if it will directly support bow/stern thrusters… so I guess we don’t have an exact time line at this point. To be totally clear, the way things get done is:

  • a developer interested in solving the problem shows up and implements it
  • a company funds the effort to add the feature

… so it’s often hard to tell when one of those will happen.