Loiter Mode and Maintaining a compass heading

I am using the Cube Pixhawk 2 with Mission planner on a boat with 2 t100 blue robotics thrusters and trying to navigate to a waypoint, enable loiter mode, and have the vessel station keep and maintain a given heading. The boat makes it to the waypoint fine and goes into loiter but I don’t know how to specify a certain compass heading for it to maintain in mission planner. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know that that type of loiter is currently available

Has anyone found an answer to this question? I too am interested in flying a multicopter to a location and loiter for x seconds at that location but pointing to a specific heading.

The question as it applies to Rover is very different than Copter. Are you talking about in an Auto Mission?

Yes. Would like to take off go to altitude loiter there for some time but point the multicopter to a specific heading. Then land. I can do everything to define a heading when loitering at altitude.

Thanks for your response and attention.

The condition_yaw mission command will do that. Either to a absolute heading or a relative heading from the current heading. You can easily test this is the Simulator.

Thank you dkemxr I appreciate your help.

I see condition yaw on the waypoint options. I did not know the pulldown on the waypoint list if different than right click list.

there is a field “rel/abs” the default value is 0. Is 0=rel?

It seems that this “rel/abs” field and the “Frame” relative-absolute selection are independent.

I want to be careful here because I would like the altitude and location to be relative to the launch point and only the heading be absolute (not sure if its relative to true north or mag north).

In the mean time I will try to run the simulator before testing.

There is a Wiki page for that:
Mission Commands

It’s True North, that’s what declination is for. Which is applied when GPS position is established.

Thank you so much dkemxr,

I did a quick test for command_yaw it works slick. The commands were T/O, Command_yaw to XX degrees, loiter yy seconds, RTL.

I later added a second command_yaw back to initial mission heading and loiter for 5 seconds to make it land in the same orientation.

Thank you very much. I’ll spend time reading the link.