Loiter holds position nicely but navigation is weird

Hello everyone,

I’m having a weird behavior while navigating in LOITER mode.

I had a small 4" quad with optical flow and range finder sensors (no GPS), I’ve been tuning and I feel like it’s stable now, LOITER holds position pretty good but when I try to navigate it brakes but continues to go in the opposite direction

For example when I’m trying to go forward I push the stick for like 1 second then release, it goes to the new position, once I release it does brake which is ok then it keeps going back sometimes it even reaches the starting position, shouldn’t it brake and stay at the new position? it works fine in POS-HOLD mode but not in LOITER.

I’ve looked everywhere and I just get “It’s a tune issue” answer but I’m not sure what to tune exactly, I’ve tried tuning the LOIT parameters but it just does the braking part which already works fine.


You will need to post a log to get any good replies regarding the tune. As I understand it is probably easier to tune with a GPS and then remove it if you do not need it.

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Here is a step by step methodic way to tune the copter, How to methodically tune (almost) any multicopter using ArduCopter 4.4.x GPS is not required , but strongly advised during tune.


I tuned this quad before this post and I did refer to it later in some steps that I missed but I need to know what part of the tuning causes LOITER to behave that way, that thread is amazing but I don’t know where to look exactly and I can’t just start over, what part you think affects the loiter mode?

I’m tuning it indoor so I don’t think a GPS will really help

I never had the problem you describe. My guess is that you have a problem in the LOIT_BRK parameters

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