Loiter crash

I have the problem, that my copter makes a sky fall when I switch in loiter mode.

The Copter is a APM 2.5 with the 3.1 software. The weight is 1800gr. or with cam 2.300 gr… I use 15" 5.5 props on 300W 370KV motors, LEA 6H GPS from HK.

In stabilize mode the copter flyes realy good, sometimes a small wobble in. I can fly the copter complete in altitude hold and it flyes very stable. But, as soon I switch to loiter, the copter fall fall out of the sky.

My PID´s

Your LOITER P seems too high. 500,000…?

Also, your RATE P looks high too. I run a 1.5kg craft, yet I can’t go beyond 0.145.

Rate Loiter P value is way too high.

Thank´s for the fast answers.

Rate P seems to be ok, but maybe the props are to small I have to test the copter with 16" or 17" props, so maybe than it is to high.

What is the effect of Loiter P and what is recommend?