Loiter Causes Crashes after short time

Have IRIS with ArduCopter V3.1.2 (e2ed3dd1)
Takeoff in Alt Hold mode and then switch to Loiter mode.
Copter is facing south and then it slowly turns left 90 degrees and then rolls left and flies sideways to the ground. I have tried this a couple of times and the same thing happens.
Log file attached.
Copter is only a couple of feet above the ground to minimize damage.

COMPASS_ORIENT should be 0 if you are using a PIXHAWK and GPS/Compass module which is oriented normally (8 would suggest that your GPS antenna is pointing at the ground).

It is confusing because it is different between pixhawk and APM.

After further investigation it seems my compass is mounted upside down. East is West and West is East.
North is North and South is South though. Don’t know who to fix that problem.

I did the compass calibration and low and behold the COMPASS_ORIENT changed to 0.

Must have been this way from the factory.
Loiter works just fine now.
Well 4 blades and one leg later my ready to fly is flying right side up.

Please use the advanced parameters to set your COMPASS_ORIENT to 0

Can you tell me how old your vehicle is?

I have had the unit just over two months now. Just learning that unit keeps track of all the flights and how to work with the logs. It seems that when I loaded the Mission Planner this month the first think it wants to do is run the wizard and it wanted to update the firmware on the copter. I canceled out of that but it must have changed the compass orientation before I canceled it.
I see from the logs that in January the orientation was correct and then in March on the day I loaded the Mission Planner the compass changed.
Didn’t think the software would mess with the copter to plan a mission.
At some point the firmware is going to need to be updated and will need to run something to updated it.
Since this is a ready to fly I would think 3DR would let me know.
Still don’t have a way to replace my extended legs for the gimbal.

Now that I have run through the Compass calibration with Manual ROTATIONAL_NONE and have the orientation correct the unit flies great. As a first time flier you don’t like to take changes and look for the safest way to use the copter.

So far a great experience. Well worth the wait.

Order number: R027102283.