Loiter can not forward straightly

Hi Developer

 I flied my copter with 3.4,everythings are perfect.

The drone can keep the position perfectly in loiter mode.
But when i forword(use pitch channel only) my copter with loiter,
the drone can not fly straightly in all the direction(It can only fly straightly in some direction).

I do the compass carlibration carefully, the offset value seems good.

can anyone give some suggestions?

thanks in advance.

It seems to me that you have simple or super simple mode enabled with loiter. Check your config.

I have this same problem with all our production Drones.
After good calibration and takeoff, drone flies skew to left.
After a few seconds it then starts to fly straight.

The problem is with a beginner getting our production drone, they just see it as a big problem.

Please post logs. It’s hard to give solution without logs.

I have a SD card now. So tomorrow I will record and post a log.

What Flight Controller are you using?

File attached.



2020-03-31 12-28-10.bin (2.37 MB)

I am going to put the sd card in a second drone to show how the problem replicates.

Will send file later.



Here is a second flight in a different quad.
First forward flight still is skew, then it self corrects after a few turns.


2020-03-31 13-16-34.bin (1.3 MB)

I see you have the same issue going in 2 threads 3.4 and 3.6 and you are using 3.5. I would suggest updating to current Stable (4.0.3 today) and go from there.