Loiter behaviour issues - boat

Can the behaviour at loiter, which typically kicks in when target is reached, be tuned?

Reason for asking is that my boat behaves like crazy:
Shortly after target is reached (probably since the boat has glided past the target) it starts to correct the position - which is as expected.
However, this is done by driving motors at max speed. And with two strong brushless motors, the behaviour is anything but graceful. In addition I probably just dropped a bait at the target position, and having the boat roar the motors at this particular spot is really counter productive when fishing.
So I have begun to manually switch the boat over to hold. And I do the same after doing a depth mapping session, because this behaviour continues non-stop.

I really like the concept of loiter, it make a lot of sense to stop the boat from drifting off like it will in manual zero throttle and in hold. But the behaviour is really embarrasing:
I tried to override this by setting MIS_DONE_BEHAVE = 0 and use “hold”, but seems to me it still does loiter…
Param LOIT_SPEED_GAIN is set to 0.05, so there is not much left to reduce.
LOIT_RADIUS = 2, so boat should not do corrections straight away.
And LOIT_TYPE = 0 so it does not matter which part of the boat that aims at the reached target.
Boat has Ardurover 4.0 running on a Pixhawk 2.4.8

Anyone with some good advice?

Have you had any luck fixing this issue?

Sorry, no. Will override the behavior from the GCS instead. And also build a new boat that will behave better I hope…