Loiter and Pos Hold mode Pre Arm Error : GPS Waiting for Home

Hello Team,
I have been trying to Arm the copter in Loiter mode and get error as GPS waiting for home. HDOP is 1.96 and Sat count is 8. I waited for almost 10 min but still didnt get GPS lock. When I change the mode to stablize then it shows goos GPS lock.

I have attached the log file here. Can anybody help what is the problem here.


No, stabalize does not go into GPS lock. It just allows you to take off.

Just wait longer or improve the GPS reception

Hi Lucas,
Thanks for the reply. I waited almost 10-15 Min to see GPS improment with no use. Is there anything to be done to improve GPS recepton ?
Also do you see any abnormality from log file I attached ?
Thanks for the help

Where were you? Near trees? Near buildings?
Is the GPS receiving antenna near other interference sources?
Any usb 3.x devices?
Are you near Ukraine?

Im based in India. There are no interference source and USB device. There are coconut trees around but still the GPS can see the sky view clearly. Is that a problem around the trees ?
I will try in the open area with no building and trees.

How High is the GPS receiver above the copter?
Which GPS receiver is it?

Can you test it in a fully open field?

It is 4 inch above the copter. It is Ublox neo M7N GPS receiver im using. I will test it in fully open field and give a feedback, Thanks for your immediate response

Replace it with a M8N. In the mean time you could try different combinations of Sat systems with the GPS_GNSS_MODE parameter. Only select 2 like GPS+GLONASS.

Hello Team,
Thanks for the support. It is working fine now. I have tested in fully open field with clearsky. The error got cleared.