Loiter altitude behaviour

I’m new to ardu after some INAV experience and although I’m very happy with the out of the box behaviour of Ardu I do have some questions.
First one is:
When plane is in loiter mode is it possible for me to fly higher or lower by pulling the pitch stick or pushing it down? Because today in loiter I tried pulling the stick but as a result my throttle lowered a lot and plane went into a stall. It recovered by itself when I left the sticks alone.
Does Ardu allow for altitude change in loiter?
In RTL and Cruise modes as well as fbwa and manual the plane flies good. Maybe I missed a parameter or function somewhere in configurator.

Something doesn’t add up that it stalled. If you want, post a log file from the flight (.bin from the flight controller) and one of us will have a look and see if there’s something odd.

In the mean time we can try to rule out some obvious ones:
FBWB_CLIMB_RATE = (default is 2, make sure it’s at least that. Tweak as you want later)

No log, as I did not fly with SD card.
At the moment:

In both fbwa and cruise I can fly normally - pull stick, it goes up, doesn’t stall.
I don’t have airspeed sensor.
On OSD recording I see that when pulling elevator my throttle percentage went down quickly until my plane stalled - I released sticks and it recovered.

On 4.3.dev it is now possible to control Loiter altitude like FBWB using the FLIGHT_OPTIONS bit 12: Enable FBWB style loiter altitude control.