Logs from Replay won't open in Mission Planner


I have an issue while opening a log file, generated by Replay, in Mission Planner.

Here is what I do :

1 - Generate the log from simulation

  • environment is Ubuntu 20.02 (fresh install on VM)
  • AP branch is general
  • Simulation is done with SITL :
    cd ~/ardupilot/Rover
    sim_vehicle.py --map --console
  • Special params are set inside SITL in prevision of Replay :
    param set LOG_REPLAY 1
    param set LOG_DISARMED 1
  • The log (00000004.rover.BIN) can be opened in Mission Planner’s log review :

2 - Replay the log

  • environment is Ubuntu 20.02 (fresh install on another VM)
  • AP branch is pr/replay-at-least-runs
    git clone https://github.com/peterbarker/ardupilot.git -b pr/replay-at-least-runs
  • Replay is run with minimal settings
    cd ~/ardupilot
    build/linux/tools/Replay – --no-fpe --parm EK2_VEL_I_GATE=1000 ~/00000004.rover.BIN
  • The following NullReferenceException error message appears when I try to open the log in Mission Planner’s log review :

Any idea about how to get Replay log opened in MP ?


can you post the replay log?

Hi Michael,

Here : https://mega.nz/folder/bUlF3ZQA#jOKakQEsQWX7kWsXT1AoTg

From SITL : 00000004.rover.BIN
From Replay : 00000004.ROVER.replay.BIN

please try the latest beta MP. i think this is resolved

Nice ! It works, thank you :slight_smile: