Logs, Arduplane 3.4, Weird behavior


I’ve recently built a flying wing as I am looking to do some missions over the sea.
While I am quite satisfied with the first flights reults, I’ve had a couple of hairy flights in which the wing got disorientated for 10 minutes and kept mostly circling in the same spot, which I was very lucky that twice it ended up coming back home from 5 kilometres away.
I am not very experienced using Arduplane, which I think is a great platform, the problem is that even after I’ve read all the documentation available, I can’t still fault the mentioned behavior or see it in the logs.
I’ve attached the last flight logs to see if any gentleman can help with this big thing, and hopefully there shows something that I can’t see by myself.

Your log (90 01-01-1970 00-00-00.bin) is basically empty. Did you upload the wrong file, perhaps?

Sorry, I did. Is is uploaded now

Your log 2018-06-22 12-59-56.bin has a lot of errors and very few informations , no baro , no tecs etc , very difficult to help you.

I had ommited some logs to save memory, I’ll set them up again. That problem where plane gets dissoriented seems to be happening at same particular spot, but never it happened elsewhere. In my head, itt could be due to some magnetic or radio activity there that get compass or GPS confussed.
Any error of importance that you can see in the liog related to the behaivor mentioned?

Found out problem with compass. Plane is now perfect, I did 3 20k+ missions with very consistent tracking

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