Logs analysis of a new experimental quadplane

We made a new quadplane of 8kg takeoff. It used to be well tuned, but the attached logs looks like there is overshoot in roll and some problem with sideslip as well. What is more worrisome is that the speed set point has a permanent offset. The speed is set at 18 m/s but speed seems to settle at 22 m/s since the release of 4.2. Please look at the logs and comment.

The parameter ARSPD_USE is set to zero, so it logs the airspeed but doesn’t use it for navigation. This means it is flying in a non-airspeed controlled mode, so TRIM_ARSPD_CM is not used.
You airspeed sensor seems to be working well, so you could change ARSPD_USE to 1 and it will try to track the target airspeed.
It doesn’t look like you have done a fixed wing autotune? It looks like your RLL_RATE_FF should be about twice what you are using (try 0.7).
For pitch, your plane seems to be quite nose heavy (or the elevator trim is badly off). Please check the elevator trim, and if it is correct then move the CoG back (move more weight towards the back).

Thankyou Tridge. We will do a flight tomorrow and report the results once again.

Hi @tridge
We did another flight with CG set back at 36% instead of 33%. Enabled the ARSPD_USE parameter to 1. Didnt change the feedforward for roll error. Have a look at the logs, it was a short flight but PIDP.I seems high still.