Logging of IMU data on companion computer

I would like to do some sensor logging from Pixhawk on a companion Pi with wired connection. What would be a realistic fastest rate achievable? I assume Telem2 is the port to be used for that?
Also, is SRx_Position a “direct” GPS data or is it corrected after EKF?
And lastly, Pi would be logging something else as well, is there any way to synchronize timing of sensor data from Pix and other log? Maybe some sort of timepulse, or a specific timing message?

Hi, yes look into TIMESYNC message to synchronize your companion computer. You can use any telemetry port, look into dataflash-over-mavlink for faster sensor logging:

Have a look at this for raw gps:

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What about Position? Is it EKF estimate?
I would actually like to have Timing, EKF-estimated position and orientation of the craft.
Also, how far off this timesync message from that actual time?