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Logging failed, preventing arming

(Frankie Fung) #1

My Align 450 trad heli is running on Pixhack without problem. When I armed the heli yesterday without changing any param since last flight, I got an error meaasge “Bad logging” on MP.

I tried to change all the 6 param starting with LOG__ to different values, but did not help.
I also tried to flash an earlier version of firmware (Copter for heli V.3.5.4 versus the original V3.5.7) with same result. But this helps on my Quad (bad logging preventing arming, and solved by upgrading Copter FW from V3.5.5. to V3.5.7).

SD card is not full.

Param file attached :–
Param__Logging fail__Oct 2018.param (13.5 KB)

Settings on all the param starting with LOG_ are the same as my quad runnign Pixhawk, but does not work on the heli running Pixhack.

Any help is appreciated.

(Andre-K) #2


(Frankie Fung) #3

Yes, I can arm after disable the arming check. And after I enable it (Check all) again, I still can arm.

But on the same (or may be different issue) issue, the error message “Bad logging” comes up before and after the disabling and enabling the Arming Check. When I tried to arm, another message pops up saying “Logging fail”. I have to wait and see next time after I fly, will I get the logging in the SD card.

Anyway, thanks .

(Andre-K) #4

you can check logging w/o flying if you enable the LOG_DISARMED.
In any case; I would backup the microSD logs, reformat it, and restore the logs.
I also avoid putting the microSD into windows computers (they mess more than needed with the file system and FAT32 is’t exactly very resillient and journalling filesystem) - or you could insert it using an SD adapter switched to read-only.

(Frankie Fung) #5

Good suggestion. Thanks