Logging ERR

On the wiki page for data flash logs, copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/downlo … data-log…. , it describes how to enable logging of ERR messages.

On my 3.1-rc5, the cli command ‘enable all’ in the logs section does not show ERR as a log type. BTW, I am using the quad beta binary downloaded a couple of days ago from within MP.

Did it move somewhere else? Can we get the wiki page updated, if it did?

Looking at the new code is seems ERR is always logged, and cannot be turned off. Which makes perfect sense.

We’ll, that would be great if the ERR messages could be found in the data flash log.

The wiki says to set the filter to ERR and that doesn’t return any messages. ERR isn’t in the filter drop down menu.

Any idea how to locate the ERR entries?

Maybe you don’t have any errors. Which is not a bad thing :wink:

You can test this theory. Trigger a GPS no lock for 5 seconds by putting your hand over the GPS until lock is lost, and keep in there for 5 seconds. OR Trigger Battery Failsafe (FS_BATT_VOLTAGE) by setting the voltage to higher voltage i.e 12.2V for a 3S, for example. Wait for the voltage to trigger the condition, then check for the corresponding ERR message in the log

Bill, appreciate your time.

This came about because I was stuck with FAILSAFE plastered on the MP HUD and couldn’t figure out what was causing it. The data flash log wasn’t behaving as the wiki said, so I was unable to see exactly what was causing the HUD display. I finally cleared the problem, but still don’t know what it was.

Still have the data flash, if it would help with documenting how to pull the ERR entries.


Can you post the log?

beta quad firmware 3.1-rc5 and MP 1.2.86

Attached are the data flash logs and the MP logs. The data flash logs were downloaded later on the evening of the MP logs.
A lot of the 2 packs was sitting on the ground trying to clear the errors.

I finally was able to clear the FAILSAFE in MP HUD, and have flown since with no problems. No idea exactly what was causing it. Was trying to check for ERR messages to help diagnose it.

This is definitely the best firmware yet and I am very pleased with how far it has come. Great job, folks !!!


I’m confused. The log dated 2013-11-06 19-24 2.log clearly shows for example, a ERR 5, 1 Throttle failsafe. You can also see this in MP when tested using the filter to see. The is log is with 3.1-rc5.

I’m confused, too. The FAILSAFE was in the HUD throughout the entire day, both flights in the morning and in MP for a couple of days until I was able to clear it. Obviously, the ERR message option only shows in the data flash when there is an error, but all 4 data flash files were created within about 2 hours from start to finish. Batteries connected, arm/disarm while trying to clear it in the HUD. Very frustrating, sigh.

Thanks for finding it, I guess I kept checking files 1,3, and 4. 8-(
I realize MP just shows what is coming over the data stream. Other then checking all the params, can you think of a way to have diagnosed the error? The other data flash files were all when the APM was armed and I had the same HUD banner.