Logging camera shutter without triggering it

Hello, is it possible to log camera events without triggering camera?
I have my basecam triggering the camera using a rather complicated timed script and would like to log camera shutter with arducopter but from my testing it looks like it only logs events when is arducopter itself triggering. Would it be possible to just enable logging without first trigger?


Do you have ability to hook up to a hotshoe or red eye reduction with photo diode for feedback from camera? If that is the case then


Problem is that arducopter doesn’t log camera events if it is not arducopter itself that triggers it.
If i trigger my camera from arducopter than the event is logged but in my application camera is triggered by my gimbal electronics

got it. so using feedback pin does not provide a different msg than triggering? seems like a valid feature request.

Yes feedback pin gives a different message than triggering, but the feedback message works only if the camera was triggered by arducopter in the first place.
If, for example, you trigger by hand a camera than the feedback doesn’t appear on logs.

I did some testing of this a few weeks ago and it seemed that AP will log the camera event as long as AP has triggered the camera at least once.

Feel free to raise an issue on the issues list to have it always log regardless of whether AP has triggered the camera or not.

Will do, thanks!!

Do you think i can just make a fake trigger at the start of the flight and it’ll log all events?