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Logfile variables explaination

(Burn Plane) #1

hi, everyone, where can i find the explaination of logfile’s variables for fixed-wing.

(Hunt0r) #2


I had the same question, and didn’t find anything written, so I source-dived the code and wrote my own. I have it posted on my public github so you’re welcome to check it out if it’s useful.

I’m not a dev, so things may be wrong. I also didn’t dig too deeply into aspects that didn’t interest me, so… something is better than nothing, right?

To the devs: I’ve found this for copter, but it’s not perfect. Does anything like this exist for plane? If not, shall I start a wiki and make one based on my notes so far?

(李秉轩) #3

This is very useful! Thankf you for your shareing!

(Hezi Ben Ari) #4


The link is not working



(Hunt0r) #5

Oops, sorry. I took down that link. Here’s the file’s contents:
notes_on_pixhawk_logs.txt (20.3 KB)

(Iam) #6

Thank you for taking the time to do this and share it with the community.