Logfile variables explaination

hi, everyone, where can i find the explaination of logfile’s variables for fixed-wing.


I had the same question, and didn’t find anything written, so I source-dived the code and wrote my own. I have it posted on my public github so you’re welcome to check it out if it’s useful.

I’m not a dev, so things may be wrong. I also didn’t dig too deeply into aspects that didn’t interest me, so… something is better than nothing, right?

To the devs: I’ve found this for copter, but it’s not perfect. Does anything like this exist for plane? If not, shall I start a wiki and make one based on my notes so far?

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This is very useful! Thankf you for your shareing!


The link is not working



Oops, sorry. I took down that link. Here’s the file’s contents:
notes_on_pixhawk_logs.txt (20.3 KB)

Thank you for taking the time to do this and share it with the community.

Hey guys, I’m having some trouble trying to figure out where do some specific variables come from, what do they mean in terms of in-flight decision making, etc

Is there anywhere I can find it?
I’m not a dev, so I’m still struggling on figuring that out from the code…

I replied to a similar request here: Where do all log values come from? (Raw sensor and control-considered data)

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