LogAnalyzer: PM = Fail - 23 slow loop lines found, max 7.80%

I installed a Maxbotix I2C sonar on my X8 w/ Pixhawk AC 3.2 today. Seems to work great, however LogAnalyzer reports: “PM = Fail - 23 slow loop lines found, max 7.80% on line 71813”.

Anything I should do to resolve this?
Should I be worried?
Anything else I should check?

Note that I checked around line 71813, but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary like flight-mode switches, sudden movements, etc. It actually seems to occur about 40sec before I takeoff.


No advise from anyone? Did some googling but couldn’t find much on this.

I didn’t have this issue until I cranked logging all the way up, I set pixhawk to log everything possible and then I would get this error. I set logging back to default and so far it’s not come back. Logging takes allot of power from the cup and occansiomally pixhawk has to think hard but is too busy so it makes the power module wait for 10 or more milliseconds and each time that happens you get another slow line. So set logging back to default and use only genuine 3dr parts with pixhawk… I had so many hair pulling issues when I didn’t. Especially with the gps and compass… If it don’t say 3dr on it, good luck!

Hope I helped you

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