Log signing and checksum

hi everyone ,
we are working on a safety feaure which is secure firmware which is mandatory for launching your own drone in India,we are stuck on a part, below i have attached a manual link (pg no. 148. (sec d of point l and ll)) in which the point is described .


now please guide us how to do this root of trust for mavlink signing and checksums for secure logs signing

points mentioned for reference

d) The verification key of the root
of trust may be recorded and
retained. (This key will also be
used for verifying the origin of
logs generated by the FM).

d) Registered checksums should
be stored securely in the flight

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Need your help
Have you resolved the above issue,please guide me how to solve this
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Hi @Diwakar_Sharma, I am also trying to implement this. Can you please help?