Log replay generating erroneous log file with no effect of parameter change

I want to analyze the EKF estimations by changing the parameters of a dataflash log file using the log replay program.

LOG_REPLAY = 1 and LOG_DISARMED = 1 were set already.

I replayed a dataflash log file (ekfposaccuracy.bin) with a parameter change as described here: https://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/testing-with-replay.html

The message to confirm the parameter change was as shown:

I then used MAVExplorer to graph the data of the output log file (00000038.BIN) as shown:

However, the following errors came up:

Anyway, the desired graph (EKF3 → State Values → Pos NE) got plotted alright, but was identical to the plot of the original log file used for replay. The “paramchange” command in MAVExplorer also did not confirm if the parameter change indeed got updated. On analyzing the output log file in Mission Planner, data identical to the original log file was shown.

To check if the parameter change did not have any impact on the EKF’s estimates, I used the check_replay.py script as suggested in the documentation:

However, the following failure message came up:

I think some glitch is occurring in the process of replaying the log file causing the output log file to contain errors, but I am unable to find a solution to resolve this.

Any help to get this issue resolved asap would be much appreciated.