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Log problem... Octocopter flight perpendicularly to the grid


(Caca N) #1

The octo don’t kept the nose to the grid line.

Thanks for the help

(Rick) #2

Hi. Can you please tell us exactly what behavior you want? I can make a few suggestions, but I am not sure if any of these will do what you want:

  • If you want the drone to keep the nose pointed along the flight path, the parameter WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR = 1 will make the drone face the next waypoint so it will stay aligned with the grid.

  • You can use the mission command CONDITION_YAW to manually set the desired heading for the aircraft.

  • In the second half of your flight, your copter was turning to face a camera target:

But you did not specify if this behavior was intentional. This can be triggered by the command DO_SET_ROI or by right clicking on the map in Mission Planner/GCS and selecting “Point Camera Here.”

(Caca N) #3

Thanks for the fast reply…
The behavior that i expected was heading to next waypoint and it started the mission heading to North (i don’t know why).

Value Meaning
0 Never change yaw
1 Face next waypoint
2 Face next waypoint except RTL
3 Face along GPS course
(I think i’ll use one of them “1 or 3”)
That camera target wasn’t intentional… And i don’t know why it was there…