Log problem... Octocopter flight perpendicularly to the grid


The octo don’t kept the nose to the grid line.

Thanks for the help

Hi. Can you please tell us exactly what behavior you want? I can make a few suggestions, but I am not sure if any of these will do what you want:

  • If you want the drone to keep the nose pointed along the flight path, the parameter WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR = 1 will make the drone face the next waypoint so it will stay aligned with the grid.

  • You can use the mission command CONDITION_YAW to manually set the desired heading for the aircraft.

  • In the second half of your flight, your copter was turning to face a camera target:

But you did not specify if this behavior was intentional. This can be triggered by the command DO_SET_ROI or by right clicking on the map in Mission Planner/GCS and selecting “Point Camera Here.”

Thanks for the fast reply…
The behavior that i expected was heading to next waypoint and it started the mission heading to North (i don’t know why).

Value Meaning
0 Never change yaw
1 Face next waypoint
2 Face next waypoint except RTL
3 Face along GPS course
(I think i’ll use one of them “1 or 3”)
That camera target wasn’t intentional… And i don’t know why it was there…