Log / Graph can't display ERR messages?

Reading a log I can’t find error messages can AP2 do that? I saw them displayed at the top of the graph with MP. I looked at everything I could think of to check off but I don’t see it am I missing it? Thx

Currently we don’t mark the ERR messages on the graph view, but they should appear in the table view

You mean the grid view? many many many entries kinda hard to correlate with other issues if that’s what you refer too. I see a grid view no table view?? I had a crash and the guy looked at my log and pointed out I had a gps failure and baro failure. However those error messages were tagged at the exact same time I had a low voltage / power failure issue so it then was clear why the err messages were there. Anyway this look was handy. see file. Thanks

I guess it’s hard to make out but the red bars at the top in the graph window indicate errors and which errors they were. The line entries also do at the bottom. Is there in fact a way to duplicate that in MP2?? Could be I just don’t see it… wouldn’t be the first time. Thanks Bill

Here’s the log in case your extra extra not busy. ha

Nope that functionality is not yet implemented. I’m currently working on the graphing stuff to implement better log loading, once that is finished I plan on putting in ERR display. I’ll reply here once that is complete and ready for testing.

great thanks

Hey just wanted to relay from another post on this subject again I had a near crash event but was unable to see the critical data that explained why. Please note however in MP you could see the quad had a false landing event. If there is a way to see that in MP2 I haven’t figured it out. Thanks for you work on the whole thing though I know it’s a work in progress :wink: