Log files get placed in windows temp folder, flooding drive


over the last few days I noticed that my harddrive on my windows pc was nearly full. I then analyzed the drive and found out that I have a temp folder with >300GB. I just deleted everything. But now it is already getting flooded again.
Most of the files are 500MB bin files. I tried to open them in plot.ardupilot and it works. It is the log file from a simulation I once ran inside of Mission Planner (but I’m not sure if I ran the mission on this pc). But I opened it in plot.ardupilot a few times.

So some software must dump these files in the temp folder and don’t delete them. I have installed MissionPlanner, QGroundControl and mavProxy. Any idea how I can find out which program is causing this? I couldn’t find any of those processes in the task manager.

Thank you

Those are generated by the sitl. You can run the sitl from command line, mavproxy or mission planner.

So the question is: how did you ran it?

Probably MissionPlanner. I definitely didn’t run SITL from command line and I ran mavproxy once for a short period of time to test the installation (like 1min or so). But I don’t think that I ran the long mission on my laptop where this is happening… And on my desktop PC, where I’m sure that I ran the long mission at least once (but I think also the second time was at at my desktop PC) i don’t have this problem…

Edit: According to ProcMon and if my interpretation is correct DllHost.ex is accessing the files…

I can now confirm that DllHost.exe is creating the files, but that’s everything I know at the moment…