Log filename format

I’m confused about the file manes MP uses for log files.

When I say “Download All Logs,” I get files in two different formats on my hard drive:

1 8-15-2020 10-35-26 PM.bin
8 8-19-2020 11-32-12 AM.bin


2020-08-20 13-11-25.bin
2020-08-20 13-19-24.bin

The first corresponds to what MP shows is available in the dataflash, but the second format seems to involve some time computation. Does the filename encode the start date in one case and the end date in the other?

log-names log-names2

the df download shows the time reported by the autopilot.

the second is the calculated time based on the gps data inside the log

So what’s different between files 1 and 8 from files 2-7? 1 and 8 had no GPS timestamps in the files?


BTW, I have the actual logs at https://github.com/arikrupnik/ardupilot-config/tree/master/logs/FIXED_WING/1


most likerly no gps lock in the log file

Thank you, @Michael_Oborne. I’m curious–without a GPS lock, how does the AP know what the date is? There’s no RTC onboard.


most likerly last reported time/none at all. ie the gps stores this to get faster locks etc

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