Log File Size Limits and exFAT compatability

Hey all,

We are working on a solar plane capable of ultra-long duration flight and are encountering problems in our data logs. We logged a flight of 32.5 hours last summer and would like to extend that this year, however, we noticed our logs cap out at 4GB size, which is limited by the FAT32 format. ArduPilot automatically created a second log and we only lost ~7 seconds of data, which is not ideal, but manageable. With FAT32 we are limited to 32GB overall, meaning we can log roughly 1 week of data. Our ultimate goal is to fly for over 60 days, which would mean we would eventually overwrite our logged data.

Using exFAT we could use much larger microSD cards and not need to split into 4GB chunks. We are also looking at limiting the rate at which we store data to the logs, but we would still eventually reach our limit on the way to our ultimate goal. Are there any current solutions to this problem or are there any plans for exFAT compatibility in the future?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Have you tried exFAT? Think it works.

It does work. I just formatted a 32gb card to exFAT, flew around for a bit and a log was recorded.

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