Log file names and mavlink downloads

Upgraded to version 3.2 on my hex apm 2.52. Now the log file names that used to show the time stamp of the flight show a date in year 1969. The example in the instructions also shows the year 1969. Why are they not the time/date of the flight? If I try to download the log via the telemetry radio at 57,600 – I get a read time-out error. Is the usb port still the only way to download the log file?

You are correct use USB for .log files. I believe there is too much data being transferred for the radios to work.
I can’t explain the date issue you are seeing.

The data/time comes from the GPS once it gets a lock. Otherwise there is no real time clock on the APM.


Yes, it had gps lock during the flight that created the log file. The name is correct (has the correct time and date) after it is downloaded to the computer via the usb port using mavlink. However, the dates in the log file list are all dated 1969. So if you have flown several flights prior to downloading the log files, the list does not show the time and date of each flight. It is not a big deal, but if the information is available, why not show the time and date of the flights in the list.

Hope this explains things better.