Log file help.. Autolanded while in Loiter at 7 minutes

My Iris+ auto landed at around 7 minutes into a flight, in the woods, and crashed hard. I will attach my log file if anyone can help me I would appreciate it :slight_smile:, Thanks!.. Well I cant attach the file because its 3.6MB…

You can either zip it or put a link to it in the Google Drive.

This should work , I hope :slight_smile:
drive.google.com/file/d/0B9yXtn … sp=sharing



Battery ran low, went to failsafe and tried to land.

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/config … e-battery/

Is that showing it lasted 8 minutes roughly? I guess it could have been a little longer than 7, I glanced down as it started going down. The real question is why the battery only lasted 8 minutes, I fully charged all batteries the night before. I usually run them about 9-10 minutes Tops because I can get 12 typically. Can I have the ground station connected and get a verbal warning that the battery is running low and still have enough reserved to bring it back it? Assuming that I am within a decent distance from it. I have been flying above wooded areas where RTL would be ideal but also flying under the canopy in the forest where Land would work better… Do I need to drag my computer around with me to make this change in the field or is there a better solution?

Also, THANKS so much for checking my flight logs!!! I really appreciate !

Have you calibrated the voltage input against a volt meter? Hopefully your power module is reading low and you might get a bit extra run time…but you need to measure with a volt meter before changing anything.

Is your current measurement calibrated? current total used was 2267mAH, and your settings show you have a 5100mAH battery. So you have an indicated less than half usage if current is calibrated.

How much charge went back in to the battery on your charger?

If the current and voltage logged are accurate it could indicate a tired battery.

Yes, you can do all those things, see the link I gave you. RabbitStu had some good pointers.

If you go to places where you don’t want to drag a computer, i think Droidplanner will do telemetry for you on a smartphone (not, sure, I’m not experienced with it.)