Log Feedback

How can I determine the unit of measure when reading the log files? In mission planner I set the unit of measure to feet. I entered a mission where the copter should hit WP1 at an altitude of 50, WP2 at an altitude of 100 and WP3 at 150. Command 4 was RTL.

Looking at the attached log I can see the double of altitude from WP1 to WP2. The copter then seems to maintain altitude to WP3 then start its decent to land. Because it hit WP3 quickly, did it just execute the 4th command to come back and land?

The crash at the end is pilot error, I’m still learning how to fly :confused: .

Thanks for any additional feedback.


Hello from my knowledge the log file data is in RAW format.
You have the ability to choose the Units in the Planner.

Hope this helps.