Log error "will not function correctly without FMT"

Good day! I have two problems about saving logs:

1-Last Friday I made several trips with my boat. I have a pixhawk 2.4.8. I have functional logs from the same day but I have one that has not been saved correctly. On my opinion, the problem was the SD Card (from Aliexpress Pixhawk Kit), maybe was a slow SD Card (White brand). I put a new one from Kingston.
But, the last .bin (log) Can it be rescued?

The .bin file are here:

2- On the other hand, I would like to know when the logs are saved. I want to save a log every time it is disarmed.

Thanks guys.


I had a look at the .bin file but I wasn’t able to “rescue” it. My thought was that perhaps we could use MP’s “Convert .Bin to .Log” feature and then copy-and-paste the FMT messages from another log to this one but sadly the convertion to .log didn’t work (it resulted in a zero length file).

I think setting the LOG_FILE_DSRMROT parameter to 1 will cause a new log file to be created each time the vehicle is armed (see wiki page here).

You need to tack the headers on a step before this. So Hack off the front
of a good .bin file (Say 32kB or so), and tack it onto the front of the
“bad” file.

It’s not going to be pretty, but might rescue some data.

Thanks, in my opinion, the problem was a slow SD Card. I will test with another one.

Thanks sir.

I will test with another SD card. !!