Log Download seems to have frozen

Hi everyone,

After searching the forum for quite some time, there wasn’t a reported issue like mine. So here I am with my problem hoping to find some helpful tips.

I am trying to download my Data Log from the APM through USB. The instructions on http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/downloading-and-analyzing-data-logs-in-mission-planner/ were clear except for this point under Downloading logs with Mission Planner
[*]Select your vehicle type (APM:Copter, APM_Plane, APM:Rover). This ensures you get the correct scaling for a few parameters as the data is downloaded.

This is not the main problem though. The main problem is that my Log file doesn’t download as shown in the youtube video that is located at the bottom on the same page.

My download screen shows this for a few hours and nothing else happens:

I have checked my APM for any light indication of data transfer and there wasn’t any. The log folder in Mission Planner do not have a .gpx and .kml file. Therefore I have assumed that the .log did not transfer properly.

Has anyone encountered this issue before?

I had a very similar deal as you last week. After getting stuck like that for multiple tries, I finally went and got my older laptop with MP version 1.2.60. (The older laptop is running Windows XP, the newer one is running Windows 8 which has been in use for months now without issue until this. I should add that I tried rebooting the laptop and the APM multiple times without any change.) The version I was trying when having problems was MP 1.2.90. The old laptop downloaded the Dataflash logs without any issue. I deleted all of the logs, went out and flew several missions, brought the copter back in, plugged in the newer laptop with 1.2.90 and all logs downloaded fine. I’ve never had a problem like this before and it hasn’t done it again since.

Same problem here last week. Using Mission Planner 1.2.91 I tried to download 3 logfiles. It would always stop somewhere into log #2, no matter what I tried. Log files #1 and #3 downloaded just fine. At the end I deleted all logs and since then all is fine again.
It would appear that under some circumstances something in the log file gets corrupted in such a way the download stops at that peculiar spot…

Sorry for the late reply as other important stuff came up.
Thanks for all the info provided.

I wanted to download the logs because during the last mission, my quadrotor behaved very weirdly which resulted in a crash. It resulted in a 3 broken propellers and 2 broken arms. (The behaviour would be another topic but I can share with anyone who is interested over pm, or maybe another forum thread.) I have ordered the components and am waiting for them to arrive. Until then I cannot do any flying missions.

I will try to fly a few more missions and see if there are any more issues after I get it patched up.
Will update once I have any results.

I’m having a similar problem. When I try to download logs from the Flight Data -> DataFlash Logs tab it sometimes works right through until the done message shows and mostly it stops mid way through, it seems to be freezing at different times. Sometimes it downloads the right size and then I get a message failed to rename bin to log.

Even when it seems to download successfully theres another problem where the logs appear to be corrupted in that the data is doubled up in certain places. I’ve downloaded the same log multiple times and the error is different in each one. One file was actually missing data. In the attached log you will notice after timeMS 439451 it drops back to 413810 repeating the same data.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions for things to try?

Same problem here.
Initially used Terminal/log download and the download would just stop mid way. The numbers stopped counting and no ‘done’ message. This was via Mavlink.

Tried the new ‘log via Mavlink’ in the Flight Data screen and it would not start the transfer, giving an error of ‘file in use’.

When i checked the folder into which the Terminal Downloads usually are saved, there was a .log file but it showed corrupted values when plotted. Looking at the data in excel it appears that values are misplaced by one or places at random intervals, ie: the value ends up in the wrong column.

there is an issue with the current log dl over mavlink, where data can get repeated. i would use the old method, or direct from the sd card to prevent any issues