Log data for stereoscopic mapping needed?

Hopefully someone can help me with this problem. Is its possible to take pictures from copter, and a log file for stereoscopic mapping. As far as i know, I need a log file with camera trigging infos : Lon. Lat. Alt. Head. Date Time Yaw Pitch Roll. I do know that Yaw, pitch and yaw refer to pixhawk and not camera, but im gonna work that thing out later. Here is an excample :

23.7237472 61.4994688 244.97 -68.46 9/21/2016 11:04:05 -68.46 7.51 -2.47

Is it possible to retrieve these kinda infos?


Photogrametry is a main function copters I build perform.
1cm per pixel resolution and a typical 5-7mm vertical error in the DEM is expected.

Roll and Pitch are a non issue as you will be using a 2 axis gimbal.
The rest of the data you can get from the CAM message in the log as you will have that generated when the FC triggers the camera at distance intervals.

The magic happens in the post processing software and that is where you will spend the most time and money.

Im familiar with photogrammetry and mapping software. But i have been asked if i can deliver pictures and log file for stereo use. For that i need a file with those data. Is the a way i can get 1 or 2 log files… maybe i could edit files myself into 1 file. Is it possible to open the cam log on notepad ? . Is there a way to get only pitch, roll and yaw on a notepad file? . I have opened the log txt file buuut most data doesnt make sense to me unfortunately!


Actually i found the log myself, CAM logs can be retrieved through text file. Case solved!!