Log Bitmask value of 1470

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how I ended up with a value of 1470 in the log bitmask setting. I checked the official parameter values and it is not where listed. I thought I had the “Default+IMU” selected but this of course should be 958. Are there other values like 1470 that really represent something and they are just not listed in the wiki?

For example I was going to use the standard default+IMU but also enable MOTORS in the CLI…is this a bad idea? Should it work?

Also, I heard that you should not enable and disable various values in the CLI after 3.0.1 and instead just change the logging as defined in the advanced parameter settings. Is this true?

My goal is to graph my ACCX , Y, Z to see how vibration is doing, and also view MOTORS to see if they are pulling close to the same amps in level flight, to see how well the copter is balanced…

Well, I actually got it working well. I just reset the settings to Default+IMY and the logs were fine. In fact I will post two here in hopes someone who can interpret these can offer up some insight on how the quad is doing for vibration damping.

Thank you.