Log_Bitmask not logging, trying to reduce vibrations

After updating the software, the terminal is no longer available for me to get the logs.
It was there before the update, plus I am getting a solid error every time I launch the app.

Trying to get the vibrations down, but I know this is not the correct process.

This is supposed to be the acc’s selected above.

The data flash logs can be downloaded using the Data Flash Log tab under the HUD display in the Flight Data window.


Thanks, that is probably where I was going.

Now I get this error when I try to get the logs.


Thanks found it.
I remember there was a log in the folder from a few days before the update.
Now, no matter what I do to make it save logs, go and preview logs, there is no logs, after flight.

I wish I could rollback, but there is no archive for the APM software.

So, this is the error I get when I connect.

And then when I request the logs to download, this error.

Open the Help window and click on the Check for Updates button. I have updated 1.3.0 at least 3 times since it came out.

So I am able to try to get logs, but none seem to be getting saved to the APM.

Here is how I setup. I set to stabilize, and fly for say 2-3 minutes.

Then when I go to download the logs,

What am I missing, if there are no logs stored in the APM.?

Is it possible no one has an answer.?

I have gone back and setup to get different log bitmasks, then go fly.

Bring it back in and try to download the logs.

Still get the error no logs found basically to download.

I need some help.

Still confused, but making headway.

went to the console, planner and saw the APM had 5 logs stored on it.

no idea why they were not found or downloaded to my tablet.

so on to erasing the logs, and going to recalibrate.

any suggestions?

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