LOG_BITMASK docs error

in the

http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/parameters.html and probably in Mission Planner (now I’m not at home and I can’t open it)

if you look for " LOG_BITMASK", the suggested Values are wrong:

I lost days of time because I used: 397310 = All+FastIMU+PID, but it don’t recorder PID’s; then I changed it and log writes now my PIDS.

I don’t verified the others value and docs of plane etc about LOG_BITMASK.

Thank you

Hi Matteo

I am facing the same problem. Can you tell me what value you have used to log the PIDs, please?


You don’t need a bitmask value simply check the boxes for the parameters you want to log.

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Hi Rodrigo; I’m not expert but I use the parameter LOG_BITMASK 65535 for Plane and 180222 for Trad Copter; them records the PID’s;

2 years ago it didn’t exists, but now you can choose like writes Dave simply clicking the value, and come out the table shown…; I don’t checked if is correct because I use my values since 2 years and them are ok for me…

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